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The Help to Buy:ISA and First Home ISA are monthly savings accounts and interest is calculated as if interest was paid monthly back into the account and compounded over 12 months. This calculation is based on no withdrawals being made and bonus interest being applied.

Newcastle Help to Buy: ISA

The government will add 25% tax-free to the amount saved in the Help to Buy: ISA, when used towards the purchase of your first home. The minimum bonus payable is £400 and the maximum is £3,000

Newcastle First Home ISA

*Newcastle Building Society cashback is payable upon the completion of a mortage with Newcastle Building Society. The cashback is based on saving for at least 12 months, your savings balance and the size of loan you take out. This is detailed in the table below:

Newcastle First Home Saver / ISA savings balance Newcastle Building Society mortgage loan amount Cash reward
£5,000 - £9,999.99 £75,000 + £500
£10,000+ £75,000 - £149,999.99 £500
£150,000 - £199,999.99 £750
£200,000+ £1,000

This information does not contain all of the details you need to choose an ISA. Make sure that you read the separate product terms and conditions before you make a decision.